General Questions and Answers

Pearl works an area search.

Here are some general questions that sometimes come our way. A more comprehensive list with links to larger informational pages can be found on our Frequently-Asked Questions page.

Can you use your dogs to find a lost pet?

We do not provide this service. Remember that we've trained our dogs to ignore animal scents in favor of the human scent they are tracking. We sympathize with the anguish a missing pet can bring on a household; some of us have first hand experience. Still, there are resources available. Try the Missing Pet Partnership or the National Lost and Found Database service. Some other suggestions are to make sure to check the local animal shelters, not only in your own county, but in surrounding counties as well. Put photo posters around your neighborhood and in your local supermarkets and drug stores. Also make sure to give a photo poster to your local police, fire department, and animal warden. An ounce of prevention: make sure your dog has your phone number on a tag, or better still, check with your veterinarian about getting your dog microchipped. This painless procedure implants a tiny microchip under your pet's skin which contains your contact information, and can be read by most veterinarians and animal shelters.

Do you train dogs for police departments, fire departments, or private individuals?

Our dogs are also our pets. We do not train dogs by themselves for third parties. We do not sell trained dogs as a business. There are businesses in the market who train dogs and/or handlers for profit. We do occasionally take on a search handler as a trainee as time and resources permit.

Do you ever chase the bad guys, like in the movies?

We never go into a "hot zone" because we're not trained for it, our dogs are not trained for it, and safety is always our primary concern. That's a job for the police, and they do it well.

How much money do you make with your search dogs?

Nothing. We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We do not charge the community, family, or any others for our service.

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