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Kyra searches for the source of the scent.

There are many fine books, articles, and other resources available about the various aspects of canine search and rescue. There are also some that miss the mark. In many cases the distinction is up to the reader; whether a resource fits his or her particular situation. For example, a handler who wrote a book about how she trained her German Shepherd Dog to search in the Rocky Mountains may be of lesser value to the Bloodhounder who lives in Louisiana.

However, even materials that don't speak to one's particular situation often have useful information. There are commonalities in training methods and search techniques, new observations of how scent reacts to particular atmospheric and topographical conditions, and so forth, that may be of value to even the most experienced handler.

New material is continually coming into circulation. One of the most valuable assets available will be internet access and a good web search engine, such as Dogpile.

Suggested Reading

Here are some resources that the members of Buckeye Search and Rescue Dogs feel have been useful in their careers. Most are available through your local library, your local bookstore, specialty bookstores like the NASAR bookstore, and internet resources.

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