Training Sites

Buckeye Search and Rescue Dogs most often trains at several sites around southwestern Ohio. Street addresses are the closest available and GPS coordinates for the staging areas are for NAD27 CONUS.


215 Broadway, Batavia OH 45103 N 39°04'30.69" x W 84°10'44.69"
Batavia is a small town EAST of Cincinnati, OH, and is the seat of Clermont County. The staging area is at Batavia Elementary School.

Camp Hugh Taylor Birch

4057 Swimming Pool Rd, Yellow Springs OH 45387 N 39°47'46.05" x W 83°50'58.41"
Camp Birch is home to broad fields, a lake, thick woods and clearings, and several buldings of varying sizes.

Creation Museum

2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd, Petersburg, KY N 39°05'07.08" x W 84°46'53.17"
Typically we train in the rearmost area, which includes a farm, woods, and a deep ravine with a shallow creek at the bottom. There is also a K9 obstacle course that is excellent for building canine (and handler) confidence.

East Fork S.P. Double Gates area

3299 North Campbell Rd, Bethel OH N 39°00'18.30" x W 84°06'49.17"
The Double Gates area is contained within the southern section of East Fork State Park, near BETHEL, OH. The area is mostly overgrown with a few clearings, and has a couple of old paved roads.

East Fork S.P. North Boat Ramp

1 Park Rd No 4, Batavia, OH N 39°02'02.42" x W 84°07'53.54"
The North Boat Ramp Area is within East Fork State Park east of Batavia, OH, and is accessed the North Entrance off Old-US 32. In addition to the lakefront access, the terrain is heavily wooded with several steep and deep ravines.

East Fork S.P. South Beach

3201 Elklick Rd, Bethel OH N 39°01'03.14" x W 84°06'49.17"
This is the main swimming beach for East Fork State Park, and is usually only used for training during the winter. It is located within East Fork State Park, and is accessed via the South Entrance near Bantam, OH.

East Fork S.P. Tailwater Area

2289 Slade Rd, Batavia, OH Multiple parking areas: See below
The Tailwater area includes the emergency spillway and outflow gorges below Housha Lake dam in East Fork State Park.
  • TAILWATER 1 is on the RIGHT just after entering the spillway.
    GPS N 39°01'10.70" x W84°09'35.97"
  • TAILWATER 2 is on the LEFT about halfway down the spillway.
    N 39°01'36.03" x W84°09'25.10"
  • TAILWATER 3 (a.k.a that @#$%^!* HILL) is on the LEFT after turning down the hill beyond the spillway.
    N 39°01'50.54" x W84°09'02.34"

East Fork S.P. Tate Boat Ramp

3101 Elklick Rd, Bethel OH N 39°00'53.45" x W 84°07'19.22
TATE BOAT RAMP is contained within East Fork State Park, and is accessed via the South Entrance near Bantam, OH. This is one of our common water training areas.

East Fork S.P. Turkey Ridge

3125 Elklick Rd, Bethel OH N 39°00'37.32" x W 84°04'37.32"
Turkey Ridge is contained within East Fork State Park, and is accessed via the South Entrance near Bantam, OH. The terrain is flat on top of the ridge, but is surrounded by deep and steep ravines.

East Fork S.P. Willow Grove

3201 Elklick Rd, Bethel OH Multiple parking areas: See below
Willow Grove is contained within East Fork State Park, and is accessed via the South Entrance near Bantam, OH, about 4 miles WEST of BETHEL, OH.
  • Blackberry Thicket is approximately 0.2 mile on the right, just beyond the Turkey Prairie Habitat.
    N 39°00'44.69" x W 84°08'15.52"
  • Deer Run is approximately 0.4 mile on the left.
    N 39°00'51.52" x W 84°08'18.07"
  • Overlook is at the end of the road, at the Lake Trail trailhead.
    N 39°01'05.46" x W 84°08'28.65"

East Fork W.M.A. Dog Training Area

3200 Wiliamsburg-Bantam Rd, Batavia, OH N 39°02'07.71" x W 84°04'36.59"
The Dog Training Area is within East Fork State Park west of Williamsburg, OH, and is accessed via Williamsburg-Bantam Road. The terrain is mostly flat fields with a couple of plateaus to the north and east.

East Fork W.M.A. Twin Bridges

3154 Twin Bridges Rd, Williamsburg, OH N 39°01'07.60" x W 84°08'16.41""
Twin Bridges lies just within the boundaries of East Fork State Park, southeast of Williamsburg, OH. The terrain is mixed woodlands and fields, with a long slope down to the lake on the north and west.

Greendale Rubble Pile

299 Brown St, Greendale, IN N 39°06'14.72" x W 84°52'00.00""
This is the site of the former Schenley Distillery of Lawrenceburg. The grounds contain three large wood and brick rubble piles, a large foundation, a couple of abandoned buildings and ruins, and several derelict vehicles. The place is heavily littered with glass and debris, so heavy boots, gloves, eye and head protection are required.

Lake Isabella

10174 Loveland Madeira Rd, Loveland, OH 45140 N 39°1'27.10" x W 84°21'48.95"
Lake Isabella Hamilton County Park is NORTHEAST of Cincinnati, OH along the LITTLE MIAMI RIVER, SOUTH of LOVELAND, OH. The terrain is basically flat floodplain, and also incorporates a working single rail line and highway overpasses.

John Bryan S.P.

3790 State Rt 370, Yellow Springs, OH N 39°47'23.39" x W 83°51'34.56"
John Bryan State Park is east of Dayton OH, just outside of Yellow Springs, OH. The terrain is mostly wooded and contains several steep and deep ravines, as well as the beautiful Little Miami Gorge.


7191 Miami Ave, Madeira, OH N 39°1'27.10" x W 84°21'48.95"
Madeira, OH is NORTHEAST of Cincinnati, OH and is one of our urban training sites. There are streets and parks, shops, restaurants, and housing all within easy walking distance of the staging area. City Law Enforcement is also very supportive of our mission. The staging area is the City of Madeira Municipal Building, at the corner of Euclid and Miami Avenues, in the parking lot behind the building.

Stonelick Lake S.P.

2929 Lake Dr, Pleasant Plain, OH N 39°13'07.26" x W 84°04'36.99"
Stonelick Lake State Park is in Clermont Country, OH. The terrain is mostly flat with a few shallow ravines pointing toward the lake. The cover is a blend of thick coniferous woods, hardwood groves, and a few open tallgrass fields.

Taylorsville Lake Metropark

2000 US-40, Vandalia, OH N 39°52'35.22" x W 84°10'15.90"
Taylorsville Lake Metropark is NORTHEAST of Dayton, OH.